Promotes collaboration

everis TŌGŌ promotes the creation of new communities and ideas through social collaborative spaces.

Conversational workspaces

Natural communication is possible thanks to the conversational workspaces that incorporate MS Teams, where all communication is based on the free flow of ideas between team members.

With everis TŌGŌ several users can work together on a document at the same time by using the co-authoring functions of Office Online and Office Client Products. In addition, you can use advanced functions based on OneDrive and SharePoint, as well as create new versions and approval flows to improve the experience of co-creating documents.

Easy and standardised communication

With everis TŌGŌ you can work in a faster and more intelligent way with anyone inside or outside your company using the Office Online, Office Desktop and Office Mobile experience in a seamless way.

The integration of OneDrive allows real-time co-authoring in classical desktop applications like Word and PowerPoint that, in theory, saves time since you can attach documents to Outlook e-mails in a single click. Not only that, the use of integrated search tools makes it easier for others to find the work of the user.


You can create public communities on the platform with corporate information of general interest, or you can create private ones to collaborate in one-off workspaces with a single objective.

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