It is the best platform of its kind

everis TŌGŌ is an easy-to-use, personalised solution that includes native integration of all applications that come with Office 365.

Based on Office 365

everis TŌGŌ evolves with Office 365, taking advantage of all new functionalities and enabling companies to monetise their existing investments.

The platform is fully-scalable and flexible giving you the best performance at all times, regardless of the workload required.

GDPR and security

The entry into force of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) means that companies have to comply with certain global regulation standards to minimise the risk inside their company. Microsoft Office 365 complies with all these constantly changing regulatory requirements.

Personalisation of the user interface

The modern experience in everis TŌGŌ is designed so that you can create your own attractive and responsive pages in a matter of minutes with the view of making the user experience the same in any device or browser, making it easier to use and more likely to be adopted and used by teams requiring mobile-ready solutions.

You can extend everis TŌGŌ through Representational State Transfer (REST) APIs and develop solutions specific to the needs of your business or integrate your enterprise systems. This creates a unique experience for users because it means that they do not have to query multiple information sources.

Discover all the advantages of everis TŌGŌ

Improves communication

Promotes collaboration
Corporate Networking

Increases productivity

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