Increases productivity

With everis TŌGŌ, users will become more productive in their day-to-day tasks thanks to simplified access to tools and processes.

Unrestricted mobility

Through mobile and Office 365 desktop applications, users can access all information from inside and outside their office.

Process automation

The platform allows you to streamline employee services and specific corporate processes through the automation of processes with PowerApps, Forms and Flow.

The user can design processes and forms in an easy and simple way and integrate them with everis TŌGŌ to monetise existing investments.

Virtual assistant

“My Assistant”, everis TŌGŌ’s virtual assistant, helps users create content and perform intelligent searches, amongst other functions.

everis TŌGŌ’s optimised search process finds information thanks to intelligent refiners and a redefined global searching experience.

TŌGŌ Analytics

Based on PowerBI, everis TŌGŌ’s Analytics solutions allows you to improve usage and employee participation, which helps to evaluate their performance and monitor the impact of new ideas on the platform.

Discover all the advantages of everis TŌGŌ

It is the best platform of its kind
Improves communication
Promotes collaboration
Business networking

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