Improves communication

The enriched publishing tools, instant messaging, microblogging or option to communicate real-time are only some of the possibilities that everis TŌGŌ has to offer to improve corporate communication.

News and Stories

With everis TŌGŌ you can optimize the potential of your content, transforming corporate policies, practical guides and governing directives into attractive, collaborative pages.

The platform supports enriched text, images, multimedia and video streaming, enabling you to customise and design pages by dragging and dropping content to create impacting news or stories in just a few minutes.

Content Segmentation

In an easy way and within the same content management tool, the Editor can manage information specific to different user groups.

The cache-storage systems facilitate the immediate publication of content, without having to wait for internal processes to index and process the information.

Instant messaging

Thanks to the instant messaging tools, users can communicate from anywhere and at any time with members of their organisation through Skype, MS Teams and MS Groups.

Discover all the advantages of everis TŌGŌ

It is the best platform of its kind

Promotes collaboration

Corporate Networking

Increases productivity

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