Corporate Networking

everis TŌGŌ connects people, places and knowledge in any place and from any device.

Sharing content

everis TŌGŌ allows you to save and share documents securely from any place or device. Likewise, you can make changes to documents that automatically synchronise to the cloud or synchronise local copies of files to view and edit them offline on your PC or Mac.

Always connected and updated

Depending on the social activity and collaborative task, everis TŌGŌ has a push-notifications system that delivers relevant information to users. The notifications panel can be personalised as well as the frequency with which you want to receive the messages.

everis TŌGŌ also comes with a REST API to integrate third-party notification systems providing a unique, integrated experience for users without having to switch between different applications and platforms.

Be social

All content on everis TŌGŌ is social. This allows you to get information about user interactions to comments, tags, likes in one, single view and participate within the context of the content in a social way. All interactions between users are saved and managed to create new content connections with relevant content for each user so that the same is personalised to their interests.

everis TŌGŌ can integrate social networks, including Yammer, Twitter, and YouTube, to help their employees find relevant information that can be shared internally and externally on public social networks.

The User can update their profile (picture, personal skills, achievements, bookmarks and favourites) and integrate with Delve and Linkedin, amongst others. All content, groups and people followed are added to their personal activity wall summarising all information relevant to them. Also, they can look at the personal profile and activity of their friends to keep up with the content of most interest to them, just like Linkedin.

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