Cookies Policy

everis Spain, S.L.U. (hereinafter, everis) informs you by means of the Cookies Policy herein about the use of data storage and recovery systems on devices belonging to Users.



1.- What are Cookies?


Cookies are archives or files that are downloaded onto the device of the User (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.) on accessing web pages and applications when the same allows their browsing preferences to be saved, making their interaction with the Web Site quicker and easier.


The information collected by cookies is anonymous and contains no sensitive information since it does not collect data that could personally identify the User. Nevertheless, the User may access the configuration of their browser to modify and/or block the installation of Cookies sent from the Web Site, without impeding access to the content of the same.



2.- Why does everis use cookies?


The current Web Site uses cookies or other data storage and recovery systems for tracking the interactions of the Users with the services on the Web Site.


Cookies are able to identify the browser used by a User as well as the type of device from which the same are accessing the Web Site. This information is used to facilitate the next visit of the User making the Web Site more useful to them.


Ultimately, the use of cookies enables everis to optimize the browsing experience of the User, adapting the information and the services offered to their interests and preferences.



3.- What types of cookies are used on the Web Site


The Web Site uses the following types of cookies, albeit one cookie may be included in more than one category:


– Proprietary Cookies: enable the Web Site to work correctly and are essential for the User to be able to use all the options on the Web Site and to browse and use the functions of the same in a normal way.


– Third-party cookies: are sent to the User’s device from a computer or domain not managed by everis rather by another entity that processes the data collected through cookies.


– Personalised cookies: enable the User to access the service with some general pre-defined characteristics depending on a set of parameters on the User’s device such as for example language, browser type through which the service is being accessed, regional settings from where the service is being accessed, amongst others.


– Analytic cookies: facilitate the person responsible for the same, to track and analyse the behaviour of the Users on web sites to which they are linked. The information collected via this type of cookie is used for measuring the activity of the web site, application or platform and for preparing browser profiles of the Users of said sites, applications and platforms, with the objective of introducing improvements as a result of the analysis of the use data created by the Users of the service.



The main objectives pursued with this type of cookie are:

  • • Allow the anonymous identification of the browsing users and, as a result, count the approximate number of visitors.
  • • Identify anonymously the most-frequently visited content.
  • • Know if the user accessing the web site is a new or repeat visitor.


– Advertising cookies: enable the efficient management as far as possible of the advertising space that, where appropriate, the editor has included on the web page, application or platform from which the requested service is being provisioned based on criteria such as edited content or advertisement display frequency.

– Behavioural advertising cookies: enable the efficient management as far as possible of the advertising space that, where appropriate, the editor has included on the web page, application or platform from which the requested service is being provisioned. These cookies save user behaviour information gathered through continuous monitoring of their browsing habits to create a specific user profile based on which the most appropriate advertisements are displayed.


4.- How can I disable cookies?


All browsers allow changes to disable the configuration of cookies. This is the reason why the majority of browsers have the option to manage cookies, to have more accurate control over privacy.

You will find these settings located in Options or Preferences from the menu of your browser.

Alternatively, you can find the links of each browser to disable cookies following these instructions:


  • • From the Tools menu, select Internet Options.
  • • Click on the Privacy tab.
  • • Drag the slider bar to select one of the six privacy levels to control what cookies are installed on your device> Accept All Cookies, Low, Medium, Medium High, High, Block All Cookies.


  • • At the top of the Firefox window click on the Tools menu.
  • • Select Options.
  • • Open the Privacy tab.
  • • Select Use Custom Setting for History to configure the options.



  • • Click on the Tool Bar menu.
  • • Select Settings.
  • • Click on Show Advanced Options.
  • • Open Privacy and select Content Settings.
  • • Select Cookies to configure the options.



  • • From the Settings menu, select Preferences.
  • • Open the Privacy tab.
  • • Select the option you want from the Block Cookies section.
  • • Remember that some of the services on the Web Site and a full user experience may not be available after disabling cookies.


If you do not want to be tracked by cookies, Google has developed a plug-in that you can install on your browser. Click on this link to download: http://goo.gl/up4ND.



5.- Cookies on mobile devices

everis also uses cookies or other storage systems on mobile devices.

In the same way as computer browsers, the browsers on mobile devices enable you to make changes to the options and privacy settings for disabling or deleting cookies.

If you want to modify the privacy settings on your mobile device follow the steps recommended for the browser you have installed on the same.

Here are some links to help you modify the privacy option on your mobile device below:




6.- Acceptance, configuration or rejection of cookies


You can click on ACCEPT AND CLOSE or continue browsing to accept cookies.


You can click on CONFIGURE OR REJECT to configure or reject cookies.


We hereby inform you that, should you block or not accept the installation of cookies, it is possible that certain services may not be available without the use of the same and that you may not be able to access determined services nor take advantage in full of everything that this Web Site can offer you.

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